Trucking and Heavy Equipment Rental Trucking and Heavy Equipment Rental

Trucking and Heavy Equipment Rental


Chabot owns a comprehensive fleet of heavy construction equipment available for rent, complete with qualified operators. Rental is available: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. We work with our clients to satisfy their equipment requirements. Chabot’s fully owned equipment and trucking fleet enables total schedule control on projects. Available equipment includes:

  • Track and wheeled skid steers with attachments (six-way blades, brooms, drills, brush mowers)
  • Dozers: six-way blades, wide pad, low ground pressure, winch and rippers
  • Excavators: long reach, articulating buckets, ditching and digging buckets, and auxiliary attachments
  • Graders: 14- and 16-foot mob boards with rippers, stinger blades, and ice blades
  • Loaders – : 3–10 yard capacity with onboard scales and GPS Vision Link equipment
  • Sanders: 1–10 yard capacity
  • Water trucks and water tankers – various sizes and capacities
  • Packers: 54–80 inch width in all configurations, double steel drum, rubber time, pneumatic, pull-behind, self-propelled, sheep’s foot, and pad foot
  • Tractors – various sizes for mowing and towing
  • Distributor trucks for dust control, emulsion application, magnesium chloride, with manual and computerized PLC controls
  • Articulated rock trucks with 25-40 tonne capacity
  • Crushing equipment: cone crushers, jaw crushers, primary crushers, impactors, screens, wash plants
  • Semi trucks with gravel trailers: 25-27 tonne end dumps, 30-35 tonne belly dumps
  • Tandem trucks: 1–10 yard capacity
  • Truck plows for snow removal