Roadway Construction Roadway Construction

Roadway Construction


The Chabot team stays on top of best practices in road construction and is a frequent supplier to developers, commercial property owners, and municipal governments.

  • We provide exceptional road base material from our high-quality gravel deposits.
  • Chabot specializes in building for the conditions. We know how to work with diverse ground surfaces, and we use proper compaction techniques so our work stands up to the rigours and extremes of Manitoba’s climate.
  • On the job, we test compaction regularly to ensure consistency throughout the project.
  • State-of-the-art Trimble technology keeps our work accurate and on schedule, with precise slope and grade.
  • Chabot works with licenced and leading arborists to minimize damage to trees.
  • In roadway construction, we offer a full slate of services including site surveys and drainage solutions.