Flood Protection, Riverbank and Shoreline Restoration Flood Protection, Riverbank and Shoreline Restoration

Flood Protection, Riverbank and Shoreline Restoration


Chabot is a recognized local leader in flood protection, riverbank rehabilitation and restoration. Company founder Lucien Chabot worked on the original Red River Floodway construction in the late 1960s, and we’ve continued since then to develop a stellar reputation as flood protection and riverbank restoration experts.

Projects we worked on over 20 years ago are still holding firm, with neighbouring property owners calling us to extend the work. Working hand-in-hand with leading engineers, we have completed numerous major flood protection and riverbank projects in the Winnipeg Capital Region and surrounding areas.

Each flood protection and shoreline restoration project requires a unique solution. Whether boulders, crushed rock, the installation of caissons, or a combination of solutions – we make the right choice in consultation with engineering experts.

  • This is complex, sometimes dangerous work. Our remarkable crews have developed unique expertise in this area and we have sophisticated strategies in place to manage the risks involved.
  • Chabot can be called upon in emergency situations, such as extreme weather events that threaten to cause imminent flooding. We thrive under pressure.
  • We can serve as a strategic partner in strengthening shorelines and riverbanks to minimize damage from future floods.
  • Chabot was a major contractor in the construction of the Red River Floodway expansion initiative. We completed a substantial amount of the West Dike, in addition to several main channel projects.
  • Utilizing our crushing equipment and our own gravel deposits, we can produce and distribute significant amounts of aggregate in a short period of time. Chabot has produced rock for community protective dikes, and sand and aggregates for commercial and residential sandbagging and protective barrier efforts.
  • Chabot is interested only in resilient long-lasting solutions that protect private and public property while preserving the long-term integrity of our waterways.