Aggregate Crushing

Aggregate Crushing Aggregate Crushing

Aggregate Crushing


Chabot will crush aggregates to your specifications to meet the very unique needs of your project. Whether you need sand, gravel, or stone of any size, we have the rock deposits and equipment to make it happen. Chabot’s fully owned pits and quarries enables total schedule control on projects.

  • Our crushing services are highly customized. We aim to get you the right rock for the job.
  • Chabot owns multiple high-quality gravel deposits so we can produce what you need, when you need it.

Our products are suitable for a variety of construction projects and purposes, including:

  • road construction and repair;
  • road base;
  • driveways;
  • parking lots;
  • subdivisions;
  • land development;
  • excavation backfill;
  • sewer and water projects;
  • drainage projects; and
  • flood protection and restoration work.

Our aggregates are thoroughly tested and are suitable for:

  • resistivity for hydro-electric projects;
  • electrochemical properties for embankment backfill projects; and
  • petrographic properties suitable for ready mix concrete.